Suzhou: Carry out “big inspection and rectification” to do lightning safety inspection

Tang Xiaohong, correspondent of China Meteorological News, reported that on July 9, the meteorological administrative law enforcement officers of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province went deep into Fujifilm Electronic Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to carry out lightning safety law enforcement inspections and strengthen the law enforcement supervision of lightning protection safety of hazardous chemicals enterprises.
Meteorological administrative law enforcement personnel shall implement the main responsibility of lightning protection safety production, implement the annual inspection system of lightning protection equipment, establish the meteorological disaster prevention and related safety production system, and the emergency plan for major meteorological disasters by checking the accounts, on-site investigation, and inquiring about investigations. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the implementation and other aspects, issue a notice of rectification on the site to identify potential safety hazards and existing problems, and order the enterprise to rectify within a time limit.
Next, the Suzhou Meteorological Bureau will continue to carry out lightning protection safety “big inspection and rectification” and look back to ensure closed-loop management of hidden dangers.

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July.15, 2019