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Surge Protectors FS-RJ11 for telephone line

Item No: FS-RJ11-110/10-2
-RJ11 data surge protectors 2 pairs protected, isapplied to the surge protection for telecommunications, e.g. SPC exchangers, twisted pairs of telephone stations, dial-up lines, DDN special line.
-Convenient mounting
-Class C protection, low residual voltage
-Built-in semiconductor, quick response
-Low capacitance design, excellent transmission
-Can be designed and manufactured according to special requests of clients.

Product Description

1.Dimension and Drawing of signal surge protector FS-RJ11-110/10-2

2.Electrical parameters of signal surge protector FS-RJ11-110/10-2

Model No.     FS-RJ11-110/10-2
Rated voltage Un V 110
Max. cont. operating voltage Uc V 185
Rated current IL   mA 500
Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) In kA 1.5
Max. discharge current (8/20μs) Imax kA 3
Voltage protection level(1.2/50μs) L/L V ≤ 350
Voltage protection level(1.2/50μs) L/PE V ≤ 350
Adapt transmission rate Bit/s M 10
Insertion loss dB   ≤ 0.4 (10Mbit/s)
Interface (In/Out) RJ11
Protected line (Pairs)     3,4
Response Time L/L ns ≤10
Response Time L/PE ns ≤10
Enclosure color Black
Dimension   mm 25×25×86
Testing standard IEC 61643-21:2000

3. Installation of signal surge protector FS-RJ11-110/10-2