Surge Protective Devices Committee (SPDC)

What is the Surge Protective Devices Committee (SPDC)?

The SPDC is a technical committee of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES). It is the Working Groups (WGs) of the SPDC Subcommittees (SCs) that create and maintain surge protective device related IEEE Standards, Guides and Practice documents. These documents are classified here by their voltage and application:

HV (>1000 V rms) power surge arresters
LV (<1000 V rms) power surge protection devices
LV (<1000 V rms) communications surge protectors
LV (<1000 V rms) SPD Components

Clicking on an above list item will display the publications for that class and the WGs responsible.

In addition to this “open” Grouper Web site (i.e. Internet search engine accessible), the SPDC has a password-protected IEEE Surge Protective Devices (SPD) Forum site for standards development and information sharing. To access the SPD Forum you have to have an IEEE Web Account (free) and join the Online Community using the IEEE Web Account User Name and Password.

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