Soventix expand solar PV power plant business in South Africa

Soventix recently announced the establishment of a branch of Stellenbosch in South Africa. The company has just applied to enter the the Sovello the bankruptcy legal process, which may affect its business. But the company remains optimistic that the operations of that Sovello the bankruptcy will not affect the Soventix since 2011 has been independent from the former shareholders of Sovello share less. Soventix will be held in August to participate in the next round of the South African renewable energy independent power producer project (South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer is the Program, IPP), may be expanded to 300MW of 75MW project bidding.

    Soventix agent partner Thorsten Preugschas said: "We hope that our partners have the best development, and hope that the the Sovello Product is still part of the component product line. Policy response also helps to increase our confidence in almost all component manufacturers are in production overcapacity and falling prices for components of the plight of us with a series of high-quality low-cost components dialects international market as an independent project company. we will continue to promote the development of our company, even though Germany is now the situation is bad in South Africa to establish the branch is a good example, we will break into the growing market in the world. "