Songzi: Carrying out a joint special inspection of lightning protection for civilian explosion warehouses

On July 30, the Jingzhou City Meteorological Bureau of Hubei Province and the Songzi City Meteorological Bureau formed a joint inspection team of two-level meteorological departments at the city and county levels to conduct a special mine safety inspection on a civilian explosive storage warehouse. The inspection showed that the lightning protection facilities of the civil explosion warehouse were installed according to the specifications, and all the indicators were in compliance with the standard requirements.
The inspection team inspected the construction and installation of lightning protection facilities in civilian explosion warehouses, checked the company’s management ledger, lightning protection safety system, lightning protection test reports and other documents and materials, and checked the electrical resistivity of lightning protection devices in flammable and explosive places. Random inspection and testing. According to the inspection team, a notice of responsibility for lightning protection and production safety was issued to the inspected unit, urging them to perform their main responsibilities in accordance with regulations, and to keep in touch with the meteorological authority in time to prevent safety management accidents.
It is reported that Songzi City Meteorological Bureau has completed the full coverage of lightning protection safety inspections in flammable and explosive places throughout the city, and strengthened lightning protection safety regulations and popular science knowledge publicity, compacted the main responsibility of enterprise lightning protection safety supervision, and further improved flammable and explosive areas. Emergency response capability for lightning protection accidents in the site.

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Aug. 02, 2021