Solar water heaters is easily into life killer without providing lightning protection devices

Jiangxi concerned recently by field sampling survey found that more than eighty percent of solar water heaters in rural Jiangxi roof is not safe lightning protection devices. In thunder and lightning thunderstorm weather, this is the solar water heater top of the building and no security lightning protection devices, it is easy to become a lead lightning life killer burglary.

Lightning experts say, solar water heaters, metal structures more generally have electric heating function, if there is no effective lightning protection measures, it can easily become targets of lightning. Lightning through the water heater and the signal line into the room, if someone was taking a shower with solar water heaters, will directly endanger the lives and safety.

Lightning experts said that the current Jiangxi Province has entered a period of more lightning, thunder home residents should not use solar water heaters, solar water heaters and unplug the power supply is best to avoid and reduce the harm caused by lightning strikes.

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Dec. 21, 2015