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Small Size 6 Digits Lightning Counter

Item No: FLRC-S/II
-Small size outdoor lightning counter, updated from FLRC-S.
-Long service life due to No battery need.
-Sensitive response and wide lightning current measuring range
-Installation window dia. 30mm.
-Lightning Counters are generally used by those customers of lightning protection products development companies, lightning protection construction companies and Power Company.
-Lightning counter can count the thunderstorm during the certain time of surge protection products installed, and to give suggestion for choose which surge protection products.

Product Description

Lightning counter test video (FLRC-S/II), please click here

Before the testing, the counter number is "11", during the testing, after surge generating, you can see the number changed to "12". The lightning counter record lightning times successfully.

1.Specification of small size 6 digits lightning counter FLRC-S/II

Minimum Current Sensitivity (rise time ≥8μs)
Maximum detectable current(Imax) 100kA
Sequence of impulse
> 1s
Display Model
Electromechanical digital display
Lightning Event 0~999999
Current Sample Mode
Inductive Probe (Built-in)
Working mode
No battery/No power supply needed
Operation temperature ()
Dimension of installation window (mm)
Dimension of counter (mm)
Enclosure material
Metal Plate
Degree of protection
Net weight

2. Dimension of small size 6 digits lightning counter FLRC-S/II

3. Installation of
small size 6 digits lightning counter FLRC-S/II