Siemens provides full life cycle of a "one-stop" solution

Siemens process industry customers Summit held in Tianjin on March 26, shows the different process industry to provide "one stop" products, systems, solutions and services. Industry Sector of Siemens North East Asia president Dr. Wu Hele (Dr.MarcWucherer) said, "Siemens is in the process industry customers trusted partners, has been committed to helping customers achieve higher productivity, efficiency and flexibility in the full life cycle of the factory sex. "
Siemens Totally Integrated Automation concept process control system SimaticPCS7V8, and integrated automation controllers, field instrumentation, motor control systems and low voltage distribution systems. SimaticPCS7V8 existing functionality further improved and extended, the system has a lot of new features, such as greater flexibility, scalability, security, integration, including improved data exchange, simplified engineering extensions a new type of controller and software tools, such as innovation, not only provides excellent, safe and integrated solutions, but also significantly improve the efficiency of the whole plant life cycle. The new CO Juan MOS10 software significantly extends the functional scope of the massive plant data management, including engineering design to operation and maintenance. Process design and process automation systems integration has also been further improved.
By integrated of COMOS and SimaticPCS7, Siemens has engineering design upgrade to a new level, and then build the integration of factory life cycle management system and support the integration covers the entire plant life cycle management, including plant design automation to achieve and plant operations, without interrupting the system. Consistency of data management and seamless interaction between process design and process automation systems, SimaticPCS7 COMOS supporting the use of, not only can shorten time to market, but also enhance the quality of plant design.