Shigatse carry out lightning safety inspections of key areas

Xigaze Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region is a relatively frequent lightning activity and lightning regions, disaster prevention and reduction of lightning accidents, Shigatse Bureau of Meteorology issued by television-oriented society "carried out in 2013 on lightning safety testing facilities work," regional meteorological bureau will be organized before the flood season of professional and technical personnel, joint departments for explosive areas, densely populated areas of focus areas and mining enterprises to carry out lightning safety inspection. Under threat inspection found hair rectification notice; for a major security risk to the scene by the regional implementation supervision, and resolutely eliminate all kinds of lightning protection security risks.

Currently, the region has completed the Xigaze urban Fang Leiban 17 flammable and explosive lightning work safety testing facilities, there are security risks on the part of the premises and facilities and issued a rectification notice requiring rectification period. April 19, will focus on areas relatively dense population of key units party and government office buildings, hospitals, schools, financial, communications systems and pull Japanese railway construction sites, focusing on mining enterprises to carry out lightning safety testing facility inspection .

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Dec. 7, 2015