Shicheng: Carry out safety supervision and law enforcement inspections for the release of hydrogen balloons

On January 26, staff from the Shicheng County Meteorological Bureau of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province went to the deployment site of the hydrogen balloon to carry out the safety supervision and law enforcement inspection of the balloon to perform safety supervision duties.

The staff focused on checking the qualifications of the hydrogen balloon launching unit, the approval of launching activities, the launching scene, the setting of identification signs, etc., and proposed rectification requirements for the problems found in the inspection, and explained the relevant regulations on the safety management of launching balloons to the inspected unit And safety matters.

The Shicheng County Meteorological Bureau will continue to increase the intensity of administrative enforcement inspections on meteorology, focusing on inspections on key flammable and explosive locations for lightning protection and the safety of balloons to prevent weather-related safety incidents and protect people’s lives and property.

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Feb. 01, 2021