Shenyang Urban Construction: 21 Ancient architecture of Beiling will put on the new lightning clothes

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at Beiling, construction workers was setting up the nets welded semicircular bracket. They said, these brackets will first be made semi-circular, strip and other shapes, then laying nets. Person in charge of the project said, some of the existing lightning facilities Beiling resistance, there are some security risks. The project will follow the ancient buildings like lightning protection standards, invest millions.

Reporters learned that the lightning facilities consist of two parts constitute nets and grounding devices, Beiling original nets are made of iron, poor conductivity, the nets by copper material, and more secure. In addition, the existing lightning protection and grounding devices Beiling buried only a meter deep. The grounding device will hit the ground and 3 meters deep, can quickly lead to the lightning into the ground.

"Beiling ancient buildings are flammable wooden structure, most recently in 1936 the Ming House fire caused by lightning while wearing 'lightning clothes', the Beiling no longer afraid of the lightning." Responsible person said, north Features inside the mausoleum building is the "big hat, angular and more", the project will cover 21 within Beiling ancient buildings and several antique buildings.

The project started in early April, will adhere to the "do not hit a nail, a non-diamond eye" principle, and the appropriate control the number of staff in the building roof operations to prevent damage to the building, most of the projects are carried out in the cemetery, will not affect the tour.

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April. 09,2015