Shapingba: Deepening the reform of “distribution suits” and optimizing the business environment

Recently that the Shapingba District Meteorological Bureau of Chongqing Municipality promoted “one-window acceptance and one-stop service” to realize the “five-entry” of administrative examination and approval matters, namely “personnel, matters, seals, documents (licenses), The bills and the lightning protection business system have been stationed in the administrative service hall of the district to further deepen the reform of the “distribution service” and optimize the business environment.
It is reported that the optimization time limit for the lightning protection device design review items is reduced from the original 20 days to 7 days, and the lightning protection device completion acceptance time limit is reduced from the original 15 days to 5 days. It is expected that the processing time limit for the two items will be further reduced by 20% before the end of the year. At the same time, the implementation of “three-color” supervision, that is, when the processing time is less than two-thirds of the promise time limit, the green light is displayed, when the processing time exceeds two-thirds of the promise time limit, the yellow light is displayed, and when the processing time exceeds the promise time limit, it is displayed. The red light is truly achieving optimization and supervision, so that the masses can run less and do better.

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Aug.19, 2019