Shanxi: strengthening lightning inspection work of gas pipeline

Recently, Shanxi lightning disaster reduction Group "gasification Shaanxi" off the loop peaking natural gas storage pipeline project (hereinafter referred to as off in the ring) were completed in lightning protection devices to detect, off in the ring for the protection of the safe operation of the pipeline to provide a strong technical support and security.

Off in the ring pipeline length of 298 km, the design pressure of 4.0 MPa, the scale of 5.43 million cubic meters gas. To ensure the successful completion of testing work, testing technical personnel focusing off in the ring under the jurisdiction of the sub-transmission station and valve chamber lightning facilities in accordance with design drawings and related technical specifications for each test point have carried out detailed inspection and testing, and carefully record test data, at the same time pointed out the spot problems and security risks, proposed a scientific and rational rectification, guidance examined units to improve lightning safety measures and remove hidden dangers of lightning.

It is reported that the project is to enhance the transmission and distribution of gas and gas storage Shanxi peaking capacity of strategic projects, will be built and put into operation an important safeguard core economic zone off the supply of natural gas peaking.

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Nov. 2, 2015