Shanxi: Meteorological and emergency management departments cooperate to strengthen disaster prevention and mitigation work

China Meteorological News correspondent Li Chenguang Wu Yali Xiangdong reported recently that the head of the Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau led a team to the provincial emergency management department to conduct research and discussion, understand the emergency management department's demand for meteorological services, and strengthen departmental cooperation to jointly prevent and mitigate disasters The work was carried out in depth.
At the beginning of February this year, in response to the occurrence of low-temperature rain and snow freezing severe weather in Shanxi Province, the meteorological and emergency management departments cooperated and jointly issued a document to jointly carry out disaster weather prevention response work. The forecasting and early warning was timely and accurate, and the disaster prevention and mitigation and relief work was fully exerted. A line of defense.
The two sides stated that the meteorological and emergency management departments should further establish a long-term cooperation mechanism to achieve data interconnection and resource sharing; strengthen important weather processes to discuss and judge, establish a linkage mechanism and emergency information reporting system, and effectively link information and personnel. Play the role of the meteorological department in disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency warning information release, lightning protection and shadow safety supervision, jointly carry out the construction of disaster prevention and mitigation information personnel, lightning protection, shadow safety supervision, inspection and assessment, common Create a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win disaster prevention and mitigation services.

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Dec.17, 2018