Shangqiu City suburb Supply Company: Early preparation for summer lightning protection and electrical

Shangqiu City suburb of power supply company in accordance with the "24 solar terms" arranged, organized scheduling, transmission, distribution and other departments to increase the line equipment inspection, inspection and maintenance efforts, before the storm season coming early elimination of the line equipment defects, effectively enhance the jurisdiction line lightning mitigation.

Every summer is the high incidence of lightning activity, the company lines, substations as "lightning" in key parts, develop a work plan by the beginning of the jurisdiction line, substation equipment to carry out inspections and testing of lightning protection device for tower, substation grounding device, grounding system ground deflectors unqualified re-excavation, laying the ground electrode, so that a treatment, testing a qualified one. Meanwhile, the complex area line to strengthen the maintenance of the line corridor under the trees in a timely manner wrecker to ensure there is enough line corridor safe distance.

In addition, the company attaches great importance to the requirements of all staff, refine, quantify summer lightning electrical work, and work to the people, implement in place, so that all risks, failure early examination, early warning, early disposal to ensure that the power grid thunderstorm season safe and stable operation, lay the foundation for peak summer power grid safe and stable operation.

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Mar. 07, 2016