Sha County: After the festival, the lightning protection safety project will be reviewed.

Wang Chengxiang, correspondent of China Meteorological News, recently reported that the Shaxian Meteorological Bureau of Fujian Province organized lightning protection supervisors to go to the Shadong East Bridge Economic Development Station to carry out lightning protection safety inspections. During the inspection, the lightning protection experts of the County Meteorological Bureau gave corresponding guidance to the enterprise on how to rectify the problems found in the lightning protection test, and introduced the emergency treatment measures after the lightning strike in the oil tank area of the gas station, helping the enterprise to improve the lightning disaster prevention capability.
This review is an inspection of the rectification of hidden dangers found in the lightning protection safety inspection before the Spring Festival in 2019. It is one of the measures taken by the County Meteorological Bureau to further strengthen the lightning safety supervision and prevent and contain serious accidents.

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Aug.27, 2018