seven methods for Corporate lightning

  seven methods for Corporate lightning

1. The Corporate should be entrusted to a professional testing organization regularly detect lightning protection devices , lightning protection device testing compliance with national regulatory requirements.

2. The Corporate should be set up defense lightning responsible person in charge of mine safety work to develop the mine disaster management regulations, the implementation of inspection and routine maintenance work on a regular basis to detect and thunderstorms after lightning surge protection devices .

3. The construction unit should entrust unit with mine design and construction quality of the design and construction of lightning protection devices ;

4. Large-scale construction projects, key projects, explosive atmospheres and other construction projects should be commissioned before the mine design mine disaster agencies, according to local geology, soil , weather, environment , protected characteristics of objects , lightning activity patterns and other factors lightning risk assessment carried out , using safe, reliable , technologically advanced , economical and reasonable design and construction .

5. Should be used technology and quality are in line with national standards for lightning protection equipment , devices, equipment, avoid the use of non-standard lightning arrester products and devices.

6. The new ( or expanded ) , alteration of buildings and installation of new electrical and electronic equipment , lightning protector systems to respond to re- design and installation.

7. When lightning occurs promptly reported to the local municipal mine to mine professional and technical personnel in a timely manner to the scene to investigate and technical appraisal of lightning damage , caused by lightning damage analysis of the causes and take effective measures to prevent the recurrence of lightning

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 NOV.27, 2014