Selection of Signal SPD

Signal surge arrester is a kind of surge protective device, which is an important manifestation of internal protection; signal surge protector is used for the communication signal line.

How to select the signal surge protection device:

1. The operation voltage (according to operating voltage of the equipment , the selection of appropriate maintenance voltage arrester)

2. The operation frequency (depending on the device on the needs of the arrester insertion loss, the selection is not the same bandwidth arrester)

3. Interface standard (based on the needs Device Interface varieties (RJ11 \ RJ45 \ BNC, etc.), metric, imperial, select different interface arrester)

4. The convergence condition with other devices (whether due to be connected to other networks, make the over-voltage input or output)

5. Ground conditions (if ground instability, should be selected and can be interference shielding arrester)

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Mar. 13, 2015