SEGH enter Mexico photovoltaic market

 In the development of photovoltaic power plants, Mexico is the world's most efficient and have the potential to profit.

and EU exports of Chinese photovoltaic products launched anti-dumping and countervailing Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean photovoltaic project developers has created a tremendous opportunity. Photovoltaic system surge protection products will become more and more important.

SEGH currently under construction of 39MW photovoltaic power plant in
Mexico. If everything goes according to the original plan, the project will supply power to the national grid of Mexico at the end of August next year. The Company plans to build multiple photovoltaic power plant in Mexico.

SEGH president Walter said: Despite the huge prospects for photovoltaic power generation in
Mexico, but in the Baja region CFE (Comisión Federalde Electricidad) pilot project installed capacity of only 5MW. Photovoltaic project and another project in Baja, the company developed the first utility-scale photovoltaic power plants.

A SEGH-CFE project is located in Puerto Libertad, the project will cost $ 80 million to start construction at the end of June. This will be the Northern Hemisphere's largest clean energy storage system. The SEGH president explains: project funding from a number of private equity funds and loans.

SEGH cooperation and ABB CFE design and construction of a 40kVA substation. Substation will be completed in July next year.