scientists have confirmed: another consequence of global warming is that lightning will be more frequently

 According to a new study by US scientists that global warming will lead to significant increase in the frequency of lightning . The study was conducted with the help of American Lightning Detection Network data.
The research team say they have calculated the temperature once every additional frequency will increase the number of lightning . David Romps in University of California , said: " in 2100 will take place three times a lightning flash occurs twice each compared to 2000. In addition it leads to more wildfires , lightning will change the chemical composition of the atmosphere. ."
Professor Romps and his colleagues estimate that global temperature rise of 1 degree Celsius each , lightning frequency will increase by 12 %. They confirmed his calculations by the US National Lightning Detection Network data. Romps professor said: "This data is very subtle , location and time of lightning have been accurately recorded.
Half of US wildfires are caused by lightning , lightning can also cause chemical reactions in the atmosphere , a greenhouse gas nitrogen oxides . Professor Romps that lightning is a major source of middle and upper atmospheric nitrogen oxides .
One scientist said the British Meteorological Office , to understand the future pattern of lightning is very important, but we need to pay attention to researchers' model remains uncertain , will need to continue testing. He also believes that this prediction will be applied to other parts of the world may be inaccurate because of rainfall in many ways the Earth are very uncertain.
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