Schneider launched miniature circuit breakers to the market

 Recently, Schneider Electric launched the high cost Osmart K series of small devices.The series combines Schneider Electric product features advantages of the original miniature circuit breakers, protective function has a wide range of accessories, can effectively help clients cope with change more rapidly, more competitive, and more emphasis on integrated cost advantage of the new market environment. 

The new series of miniature circuit breakers rated current cover 1-63 security protection function includes a C-shaped curve and D curve, applied to the conventional load and impact load to meet 90% of the customer's application requirements. It also comes with the contacts, alarm accessories, undervoltage trip, over-pressure trip and other important attachments. , Osmart K Series with CCC certification, 100% compliance with China RoHS environmental standards, and can be widely used in a variety of industries. The series circuit breaker Schneider Electric series of tailor-made products for OEM customers, and it has a very high cost advantage to fully meet the production needs of OEM customers.