Schneider Electric promotes energy efficiency management platform solutions

Schneider Electric has participated in the ODVA in Shanghai (open network equipment suppliers association) energy optimization scheme BBS. As one of the core members ODVA, Schneider participated in this BBS and published related theme speech, to the industry and to share the introduced based on Ethernet Schneider collaborative automatic control system.
In this BBS, Schneider electric introduced the EcoStruxure energy efficiency management platform and its important part PlantStruxure collaborative automatic control system. IT launched its EcoStruxure energy efficiency management platform guaranteed the five business areas (power management, IT management, building and management, security management, industrial process and equipment management) professional experience of compatible, the coordination and use, increase customer experience, save as much as 30% of the capital expenditures and operating costs. Based on the open and transparent advanced Ethernet communication technology Ethernet/IP, and help our customers deal with energy challenges. As a transformative E coStruxure energy efficiency management an important component of the platform, the PlantStruxure collaborative automation control system is a set of open, collaborative solutions, solve the process automation and energy management and enterprise systems to the challenge, and help enterprise to realize the sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly industrial fields active energy efficiency management.
According to information, by the world leadership is ODVA automation enterprise consisting of a international organization, Schneider electric in 2007 to join ODVA, always for constantly expand ODVA technology and standards in China and Asia-pacific region influence and try hard.