Schneider Electric introduced higher performance ZelioRTC48 temperature controller.

Schneider Electric has introduced higher performance ZelioRTC48 temperature controller. The product is accurate and reliable performance, compact size and simple operation, good to meet the local Chinese customers demand for equipment temperature control can be applied to plastic and rubber injection molding equipment, HVAC, food packaging machinery, electronics and electrical, boiler and melting pot of various types of machinery and equipment and other fields.

The products are reliable, easy to implement, simple to use, is a compact, space-saving solution. Temperature controller than the traditional smaller, easier to install and fast. Its built-in PID control algorithm and Auto-tuning feature helps process equipment for precise temperature control. Parameter setting is simple, just a few steps to complete.
In addition, the smart 3-color PV display status values ​​can improve read recognizable, distant to identify the device current temperature status. ZelioRTC48 using Modbus communications, can connect up to 31 RTC48, displays the front panel protection class up to IP66, can be dustproof and waterproof, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial environments.

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