Scale of China surge protective device market

The JFUnited (JFUnited) latest survey data show, surge protection device industry in the 2003-2004 biennium overall market growth rate of slightly more than 30% two years 2005-2006, the overall market growth rate of more than 40% of the level seen in the last two the overall market growth rate of the year compared to the previous years was significantly accelerated, and the growth rate is also more stable, survey report pointed out that in 2006, China surge protector market size in 14 billion yuan in 2007 - 2010 years of SPD product market average growth rate will be around 45%, is expected to SPD market size in China will reach 62 billion by 2010.


JFUnited (JFUnited) report that the 2006 surge arrester industry sales of 17 companies (excluding construction revenue) in about 900 million yuan, accounting for 64% of the domestic the SPD market overall scale of industry sales in the first six enterprises in 2006 sales of the sum of about 600 million yuan, accounting for 43% of the overall size of the market, visible domestic the SPD industry market concentration is low, not that outstanding performance of the enterprise market.


The surge protector market geographic distribution quite different, mainly concentrated in the economically developed eastern regions from lightning frequencies view, the current domestic surge protective device market is mainly distributed frequent lightning strikes southern regions, particularly the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian Province, Guizhou Province; regional economic differences of view, mine products requires a certain economic input surge arrester application wider focus on the more economically developed areas, many economically underdeveloped areas of the mine product ratio is relatively much lower; regional market characteristics, Southern surge protection device larger market than the North, but the South surge arrester many manufacturers, competition is more fierce, and now some developed areas of the South's second tier cities surge protector applications are already quite popular; many cities of northern untapped, many manufacturers only focus on the development of the market in the north of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Beijing surrounding region, part of the brand has been developed to penetrate into the county-level cities of Beijing, Tianjin, and in most parts of the northeast, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, as well as the western the surge protective device market basically has not been developed.


Different market characteristics of different application fields, mines, railways, military and other applications will be attracting much attention.


Surge arrester is mainly used in the field of telecommunications, petroleum, petrochemical, railway, construction, automation, transportation, environmental engineering (such as water treatment). Current domestic surge protection device is mainly used in two major areas of telecommunications and building electrical, is currently the most surge protector manufacturers to participate in the carve up areas; railway field accounting the surge protective device application market share of nearly 10%, but that firms occupy in China's railway applications The obvious advantage; automation field due to market higher threshold, currently only a small number of foreign mainstream brands. Some foreign brand manufacturers due to the low prices cause ready to gradually withdraw from the domestic telecommunications market; building electrical collar local relationship factors relative to foreign brands enterprises customer development there will be some difficulty; due to mine railway, army, and other areas of product safety requirements, price sensitivity is relatively weak, foreign surge arrester brand manufacturers in these areas in the next few years will continue to concern, and are seeking opportunities for market intervention.


Future market prospects for the development of domestic surge protector.


JFUnited (JFUnited) survey reports that: The domestic market will be carved up, the market share of each enterprise will be more dispersed, several major brand share will also be reduced. Currently more than 10 companies in the domestic surge protection device market is chiefly light OBO, Phoenix, only unique original DEHN Leian occupation due to the substantial increase of the technical level of domestic enterprises in recent years, the the product technology gap between domestic enterprises as well as foreign brands in shrinking, plus on price competition intensifies and domestic new entrants to the rapid growth of the number of firms in the surge protective device industry, surge arrester enterprises in the future compared to the market share will be more dispersed, and supporting domestic enterprises and engineering tender showing more than supply trend.


Foreign brands to enter the Chinese efforts will increase, domestic enterprises will further increase the scale of production. Due to the rapid development of domestic the surge protection device industries of various capital race into the lightning protection market, new and old brand surge protector companies have entered China, and they are being planned to invest and build factories in the country. In the same time, domestic enterprises in order to meet the needs of the new market, have increased their production scale, to form a greater cost advantage.


Domestic surge arrester technology further to the world level * close, showing a low-cost advantage in the international market competition, enhance export capacity. In the past two years, domestic light, Ray, and other enterprises launched a new product tested has reached the international advanced level, and due to the cost price compared to international brands have obvious advantages, these enterprises also strengthen the development of the international market in 2006 in light, Ray News Leian, SoftBrands enterprise export sector sales were tested substantial growth, many traditional surge arrester power terminal customers also take the initiative to discuss cooperation in China, expected after 2007, with the development of domestic enterprises, exports will be further increased.


The same time the report pointed out that due to the surge protective device market competition intensifies, the manufacturers market promotion and marketing model has a certain change, divided into three categories; first class, due to the strong resource advantages and Group background, according * Anti mine engineering and technology, taken as a leading technology services, channels, supplemented by marketing mode, such as light; second class, mainly to develop new products, increase product scale, with supporting enterprise and industry, to expand the brand influence , thereby increasing the market share, such as mine hearing, Leian, etc., in the self; third category, in order to concentrate on their own familiar and relationship areas, supplemented by the principle to other areas of development of the market, such as ABB, Schneider, FUGO.


JFUnited (JFUnited) report concluded that, within the next two years, surge protection device industry will also pour into a large number of private and related fields converting enterprises accompanied by uneven the industry reshuffle Jiangzai the inevitable. From 2002 to 2006, domestic manufacturers almost doubled, a large number of private enterprises, and even some of the workshop-style enterprises have also joined the surge protective device industry, some production switch, circuit breaker manufacturers also switch to join the surge arrester industry, these manufacturers to enter the low-cost market, not only the impact of the market, and its quality is hard to guarantee. Had a negative impact on the development of the industry as a whole. Within the next two years, will also pour into a large number of enterprises, but the market will soon reshuffle cleanup.