Saudi Arabia will cost $100 billion plan to promote domestic solar energy application

The oil minister of Saudi Arabia in mid-May 2012, called for global warming to respond to the most pressing human concerns, the state has launched an ambitious plan will cost $ 100 billion over the next 20 years building 41000MW (41 GW) of solar projects to expanddomestic solar energy industry, to support one-third of the electricity production in 2032.

Solar power generation and oil services is a completely different market. However, in this case, the solar energy will be a direct replacement for oil, Saudi Arabia has been used for the desalination plant. Saudi Arabia is currently promoting a competitive process, to the first quarter of 2013, will have 1100MW of solar photovoltaic power generation and 900MW concentrating thermal solar power generation (CSP).

The plan is to expand the variety of renewable energy, to create a new domestic industry, and part of a larger strategy to reduce oil consumption. Saudi oil minister estimated that this solar project will reduce domestic oil consumption can be 52 million barrels / day (26 million tons / year).

The oil-rich Saudi Arabia is planning to pay more attention to renewable energy generation. In addition to solar power, it intends to increase wind energy, geothermal energy, waste system energy and nuclear power plants in the future energy mix. The Solar plans to invest billions of dollars, to Saudi Arabia into a leader in the ranks of the global renewable energy development.