Sanya lightning production safety work to be the government target responsibility assessment for the first time

According to Hainan Sanya municipal government office "on the issuance of Sanya City, 2016 annual production safety work responsibilities objective assessment rules," which City, commissioned December 18, 2016 - the 30th in the city 18 functional departments, 12 zone, the town government, state farms and 28 key enterprises work safety responsibility goals assessment, which, lightning work one examination content as the goal.

Assessment rules are clearly defined Sanya City Tourism Development Committee oversees the scenic spots, three-star hotels regularly carry out lightning detection; Sanya City Bureau of Health oversees the municipal hospitals, township hospitals regularly carry out lightning detection; Sanya City and housing Urban construction Bureau is responsible for monitoring new (modified, expanded) construction project completion and acceptance of lightning on a regular basis and lightning detection; Sanya City Bureau of Education oversees primary and secondary schools to carry out the required periodic lightning detection, and new anti-project (changed) to build school buildings Ray final acceptance.

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Sep. 19, 2016