Sandu: Conducting special inspections for lightning protection safety of highway dangerous enterprises

Shi Wenjun, correspondent of China Meteorological News, recently reported that the Sandu County Meteorological Bureau of Guizhou Province has carried out “double random” law enforcement inspections on lightning protection safety of gas station safety stations in expressway service areas, and effectively enhanced the lightning production safety awareness and meteorological safety production level.
The meteorological department conducts safety inspections on the gas stations in the service areas of the highways in the county by consulting files and on-site inspection. Meteorological administrative law enforcement personnel inspected relevant archives and on-site inspection equipment, and inspected the establishment of lightning protection safety responsibility system for highway gas stations, publicity and education of lightning protection safety production, installation of lightning protection devices and regular inspection, routine maintenance and self-inspection. During the inspection process, law enforcement officers also publicized the popularization of lightning protection laws and regulations to the responsible person of enterprise safety, strengthened the awareness of the responsibility of the main body of lightning protection, and proposed rectification suggestions for potential safety hazards.

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Jan.21, 2019