Runan County Electric Power Bureau: Lightning busy in spring equinox

 "Vernal equinox rain have, lightning-prone to pay attention." Equinox approaching thunderstorms will increase gradually, in order to effectively improve grid resilience of lightning, since March 16, Runan County Electric Power Bureau fully opened spring prelude Lightning , by conducting mine equipment troubleshooting, and improve the lightning work plan, the installation of lightning and other integrated lightning protection measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.
Lightning is the annual spring inspection work is an important work, the purpose is to test equipment operating conditions and health before the storm season coming, to ensure the normal power supply thunderstorm season. Council vernal equinox thunderstorm-prone characteristics, develop and improve the lightning protection measures, organizational personnel substation and distribution lines, porcelain insulation, surge arresters, transformers, substation grounding devices were hidden investigation, detection and repair, grounding resistance is not based on Qualified avoid preta, lines and equipment in a timely manner to develop corrective measures to ensure that the replacement in place in advance; the organization of agricultural workers on the area of ​​10 kV power line towers above the ground lead, lightning arrester, lightning rod, grounding network and other equipment for testing, to prevent transmission lines Jubilee reliable operation of the threat.

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 Mar. 23,2015