Qiqihar: multi-sectoral linkage to strengthen the lightning safety

China Meteorological News reported that the rainy season with thunder, lightning security has become the focus of safety in production. Recently, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Provincial Meteorological Bureau, Administration of Work Safety, Construction Bureau, Police Fire Brigade, Department of Education jointly established lightning safety joint system to further improve lightning safety mechanism to ensure that the responsibility to implement.
Qiqihar lightning safety joint system of clear requirements, joint meeting involving members of the unit to the city's lightning safety joint inspection, there are security risks for the unit proceeds severely punished; clear responsibilities of the various joint meeting of members of the unit, requiring meteorological department Lightning strengthen monitoring and early warning service system, safety supervision departments have planned to organize the city's lightning safety special inspection, building departments strictly enforce the lightning approval system, the fire department put all kinds of facilities completion and acceptance of the new lightning safety, annual testing qualified as an important basis for the fire inspection and approval, the city's education department in charge of the education system of lightning safety. Meanwhile, members of the unit should be organized to establish and improve emergency response plans lightning ensure proper disposal efficient emergency situation.

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June. 15,2015