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PV surge protector FV20C/2-100 PV

Item No: FV20C/2-100 PV

-PV surge arresters specially used for solar photovoltaic system 96Vdc.
-The core parts are metal oxide vristor components with high discharge capacity.
-With Reliable control thanks to Thermo Dynamic Control disconnector.
-Without remote signaling contact for control device.
-Fault indication via red mark in the inspection window.

Product Description

1.Coding system

Dimension and circuit of pv surge arrester FV20C/2-100PV

3.Electrical parameters of pv surge arrester FV20C/2-100PV

Model No.: FV20C/2-100 PV    
Max.continuous DC voltage[(L+/L-)->PE]/ [L+->L-] Uc pv V 96Vdc
Requirement class to DIN EN 61643-1:2005 Class C
Nominal Discharge current(8/20μs) In kA 20
Max. discharge current (8/20μs) Imax kA 40
Voltage protection level (at In) [(L+/L-)->PE]/ [L+->L-] Up kV 0.8
Response time tA ns <25
Operation temperature range     -40~+85
Degree of protection IP20
Remote control contacts     Without

4.Installation of pv surge arrester FV20C/2-100PV