Professionals advise: Do not ignore the purchase of real estate, "the right to lightning"

Nowadays in the purchase of real estate, some of the buyers who tend to focus on the house "Five Card" is complete, but ignore the lightning struck the house whether the defense of this important factor. Which professionals advise to buy real estate do not ignore the "right to lightning."

Liaoning Province, lightning technical service center staff surnamed Wang told reporters that the number of days of thunderstorms, lightning and the loss of strength caused by an upward trend in recent years, personnel casualties caused by lightning, building collapse, fire, damage to electrical equipment and other incidents It has occurred. Especially with high-rise residential, waterfront residential home increases every year and the growing number of electrical appliances, residential lightning protection has increasingly become a problem can not be ignored.

Sails and other professionals, said that at present there are developers from an economic point of view, trying to escape handle lightning protection design review and acceptance, giving personal safety and economic interests of the majority of the owners lay hidden. When buyers and developers submitted handling procedures, in addition to checking the developers handled "Five Card", it should also examine the relevant meteorological authority issued a certificate to ensure that their own interests are not infringed. If the developer can not provide certification, buyers refuse Shou Fang, the meteorological department to report complaints.

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Mar. 21, 2016