Polysilicon prices dropped sharply photovoltaic enterprise re-signed long order

In Europe photovoltaic solar carpet, domestic solar battery and component manufacturers in order to be able to control of raw materials, and upstream (polycrystalline silicon wafer) enterprise and signed a lot of long-term supply contracts (hereinafter referred to as "long single"). But the financial turmoil plunged after long single became a hot potato.

In recent three years, polycrystalline silicon solar battery market of scarce and hot, will prices of polycrystalline holding high to $500 per kg purchased. The downstream enterprises through signing 5 ~ 10 years of long-term contracts, locking prices of raw materials.

But domestic heavy sign trend has come. Not long ago, one of the world's largest polycrystalline silicon manufacturing enterprises with suntech MEMC company, investde modified the long list of polysilicon price.

The weakening of polysilicon price, market demand weakened and polycrystalline silicon capacity expansion, has raised "long single" model of collapse.

International seven polycrystalline silicon enterprise's production capacity will from 2008 2.8 million tons over until 2009 4.72 tons, our country this year of production capacity of polysilicon may also amounted to about 9,000 tones, 2010 global output can add up to 100,000 tons of the high and polycrystalline silicon is likely to excess.