Poland has the potential to build a strong renewable energy sector

    June 13, the British "Financial Times" published an article called, Poland 10.4% of electricity from renewable energy sources. However, the vast majority of renewable energy from the thermal power plant burning wood and straw. In fact, Poland has developed only 0.2% of the domestic solar and wind resources.

    Poland is a windy country, especially in the northern region. Poland know that there has untapped potential. "Financial Times" reported that the country's installed capacity of wind turbines has increased by 20 times in the past six years, so far as Poland, the renewable energy sector has created 25,000 jobs.

    For countries with a population of 38 million, the unemployment rate close to 13%, 25 000 jobs does not seem a lot. However, if Poland is able to complete the development of domestic renewable resources, which will create more jobs and alleviate the problem of high unemployment.
Compared with other countries in the same region, Poland's potential seems to be even greater. According to the June 9 issue of "The Economist", Poland, the latest quarter's GDP growth rate of 3.5%, a figure second only to Russia, Turkey and Norway, and the gap is not very far. However, the country's unemployment rate is relatively high, reaching 12.6 percent, slightly better than the "European pig Shikoku ('PIGS'), Greece and Spain.

    There may be a way to solve the problem of high unemployment.

    Although Poland has great potential for development, but requires the Government to introduce a clear policy to support the development of the renewable energy sector.