Pingxiang: Jointly carry out inspections of lightning safety production at gas stations

On July 26, the Meteorological Bureau of Pingxiang County, Hebei Province, combined with the County Market Supervision Administration, the County Commerce Bureau, the County Emergency Management Bureau, and the County Ecological Environment Bureau to conduct inspections on a number of gas stations.  
The law enforcement officers mainly inspect the key units of lightning protection safety to implement the main responsibility of lightning protection safety, file management, lightning protection safety hazard investigation, rectification, etc., and comprehensively investigate all kinds of safety hazards.
In response to the problems discovered, law enforcement inspectors put forward rectification opinions and suggestions to the person in charge of the company on the spot, supervised the company to comprehensively rectify and report the completion status in a timely manner, and required the company to enhance its safety production awareness, supervise the company to implement the main responsibility, and effectively improve the emergency response capability.

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July. 26, 2021