Pingtan comprehensive experimental area introduced mine mitigation management approach

A few days ago, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Administrative Committee issued a "Pingtan comprehensive experimental zone lightning disaster reduction management approach." The "Measures" provides that the construction project to implement lightning protection device design review and completion of acceptance and regular inspection and other systems, Pingtan meteorological authorities to implement lightning protection device design review and completion of acceptance. Lightning protection device without approval, the construction department shall not issue a construction permit, lightning protection device is completed without acceptance, the construction department shall not be completed and accepted for the record, the main project shall not be put into use; "approach" Ray technical services also made the relevant provisions.

At the same time, abolished in 2004 by the Pingtan County People's Government issued the "Pingtan County mine mitigation management approach", more closely with the current relevant laws and regulations, more operational. "Measures" is introduced, Pingtan County meteorological institutions for comprehensive reform after the introduction of the first local normative documents, will promote the social management functions have been strengthened. It is of great significance to regulate the safe and effective supervision and protection of buildings, protect the safety of people's lives and property, maintain public safety and promote the economic construction and social development of Pingtan.

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May.08, 2017