Pay close attention to reduce the lightning disaster to improve the security system

Recently, the deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Bureau Zhuangdongxu rate inspection team to Meizhou, Unit of Meizhou City in 2015 meteorological disaster prevention cum lightning production safety work of the implementation of the law enforcement inspection.

The inspection team focused on checking the Guangdong days Connaught people burst Ltd. Xingning Branch Meizhou City, Katherine Min burst Monopoly Ltd. Silver Camp explosives warehouse, through access to information, on-site inspection, communication and business executives, etc., a comprehensive understanding of the subject Units lightning production safety work, and held a forum to listen to the city's meteorological disaster prevention and lightning production safety situation report.

Currently, the municipal government approved and Meijiang District Meizhou municipal meteorological disaster prevention focused units 75, the city built a total of 114 township meteorological service stations, 149 automatic weather stations, automatic weather stations township coverage of 100%. This year, the Bureau of Meteorology weather lightning efforts to promote special work safety committee participation, by letter Bureau and other departments organized a special safety inspection three times, organize joint inspection twice.

The effectiveness of the inspection team to the city's meteorological disaster prevention and lightning production safety work achieved in the affirmative. Check for problems found in the inspection team requirements, to adhere to the "Guangdong Meteorological Disaster Prevention Ordinance", to improve lightning safety and production-related emergency preparedness mechanism, steadily meteorological disaster prevention and security system; further increase weather-related laws regulations and disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge of propaganda; continue to strengthen communication and collaboration between meteorological bureau and related departments, pay close attention mine disaster reduction, to ensure the safety of life and property.

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Sept. 14, 2015