Pay attention to Lightning certificate when buying the buildings

Municipal Meteorological Bureau says, with the increasing in high-rise buildings in the city, communications equipment, computers and other modern equipment weak anti-jamming capability is becoming increasingly popular, and many modern appliances within the home will be "triggered lightning burglary", damaging appliances, while life-threatening. No anti-lightning directly stroke measures some buildings, power systems, communication systems, signal lines, lightning or unreasonable measures are not and can not effectively protect the building and its internal electronic equipment, the majority of residents caused economic losses.

For lightning protection of buildings, people can be self-judgment, first see if there is "lightning facility certificate", if not, it means that no professional lightning protection department acceptance testing; if people buy the Forward House, you can learn the real estate whether to regulate the installation of lightning protection facilities through the local Lightning center; on the exterior of the building, you can also view real estate if there is lightning or lightning protection zone; also check if there is lightning protection and grounding distribution box terminals and so on.

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 Mar. 30,2015