Our country's thunderstorm and gale historical data set completed Research on key technologies for monitoring and forecasting convective gales in spring in South China passed acceptance

On July 9, the industry-specific "Research on Key Technologies for Monitoring and Forecasting Spring Convective Gale in South my country" passed the review and acceptance of the expert group.
The project established a historical data set of thunderstorms and gales in my country, summarized and condensed the characteristics of the circulation background classification of spring thunderstorms in South China; explored and analyzed the formation and development mechanism of thunderstorms and related mesoscale convective systems in South China; developed based on multi-source observation data The monitoring and identification technology and products of thunderstorms and gales and convection systems provide an objective reference for spring thunderstorms and gales forecasting operations in South China. The project results have been applied to business units at the national and provincial levels, providing technical support for improving thunderstorm and gale forecasting and early warning services. In addition, the project has also cultivated a group of talents in the direction of strong convection forecasting and technology research and development, which has established a foundation for further exploration and construction of a research-oriented business system.
It is reported that the project was established in 2014, led by the National Meteorological Center, with the participation of Guangdong Provincial Station, Jiangxi Provincial Station, and Institute of Atmospheric Sciences.

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Sept. 06, 2021