On publishing the national standard "lightning protection design of buildings" notice

Ministry of Housing and Urban Notice No. 824
Is approved, "Building Lightning Protection Design Standard " as the national standard, number GB50057-2010, since October 1, 2011 onwards. Among them, the first 3.0.2,3.0.3,3.0.4,4.1.1,4.1.2,4.2.1 (2,3), 4.2.3 (1,2), 4.2.4 (8), 4.3. 3,4.3.5 (6), 4.3.8 (4,5), 4.4.3,4.5.8,6.1.2 article (paragraph) for the mandatory provisions must be strictly enforced. The original "Building Lightning Protection design"GB50057-95 (2000 edition) is abolished.
This specification defined by the standards of our ministry programs organized by the Institute of China Publishing House.
Ministry of Housing and Urban