New dual poles surge protective device with narrow size, Imax 40kA per pole

Fatech developed an amazing new dual / two poles surge protective device, with narrow size --- FVC20 series SPD. It is the same size of FV20C/1, but it including 2 poles SPD, and can afford Imax 40kA / pole, which is equivalent to CITEL DS240-230 & DS240-230/G.

The main characteristics is as the following,

1. Special design for save installation space --- two poles SPD with 18mm width.

2. High discharge current --- Imax 40kA per pole.

3. Indication window for clear display of SPD status --- each pole with one indication window.

4. Pluggable module --- convenient for maintenance.

5. Gas discharge tube module is available --- 1P+N for TT system application.

6. 3 phase SPD is ready --- base part connected with ground bar to have 3 phase SPD.

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