New DIN Rail RJ45 PoE surge arrester 1000M

Nowadays, lightning and surge protection is more and more important, PoE surge protection is a new scope, in order to meet market and user's requirement, based on Fatech current 100M PoE surge arresterFS-RJ45D/POE-100 and FS-RJ45/POE-100, Fatech successfully developed 1000M PoE surge arrester, which is Din Rail, RJ45 port type. -- FS-RJ45D/POE-1000SV. 
Please kindly find the detailed info. as below, please visit the link to view more info.:
- DIN Rail RJ45 PoE surge arrester 1000M, suitable for application of POE cable-powered server, wireless AP, network cameras, network switches and other communications equipment supply, network signal line surge protection, integrated design, easy installation.
- Adopt power supply + signal surge protection integrated design.
- Use high quality main component with excellent performance.
- Small insertion loss, good trnasmission rate.
- Low residual voltage, efficient surge protection effect.
- Fast response, stable performance, reliable working.
- Small size, DIN Rail installation, convenient application, maintenance free.