New construction must install lightning protection devices

In response to the increasing trend of lightning disasters year by year, China's meteorological department has recently issued two new regulations: "Measures for the Professional Qualification Management of Lightning Protection Engineering" and "Regulations for the Design Review and Completion of Lightning Protection Devices". It is understood that our province is a high-thunderstorm area, and there are about 100 lightning accidents every year. Especially in summer this year, there are more rainy days, and the meteorological department has issued multiple lightning warning forecasts. In this regard, recently, the reporter interviewed Wang Zhide, director of the Heilongjiang Lightning Protection Center. He made a detailed interpretation of the new lightning protection regulations introduced by the state to help relevant units and citizens avoid lightning strikes and prevent property damage.
Hundreds of lightning strikes occurred in Heilongjiang Province in one year
Q: When it is windy and rainy, thunder and lightning in the sky should be very common for everyone, but the country has paid special attention to this in recent years, and two consecutive lightning protection regulations have been issued recently. the reason?
Answer: The lightning disaster is one of the serious disasters affecting human activities announced by the "United Nations International Decade for Disaster Reduction", and is also known as "a major public hazard in the electronic age." According to recent data released by the China Meteorological Administration, there were about 6,505 lightning disasters in China from June to August 2004, resulting in 997 casualties, direct economic losses of more than 200 million yuan, and indirect economic losses of more than 1 billion yuan. .
It can be seen from the above figures that the lightning disaster has become one of the important natural disasters that seriously affect the safety of people's lives and property. Moreover, with the intensification of global climate change and the improvement of urban modernization, the frequency, frequency and severity of lightning disasters in China will increase year by year.
Lightning prevention and disaster reduction work involves all aspects of society. Improving the ability and level of lightning protection and disaster reduction to reduce or avoid safety accidents caused by lightning disasters is an urgent need to ensure social public safety and the safety of people ’s lives and property. Therefore, the country has issued new regulations to curb lightning disasters. happened.
Question: The lightning disasters in our country are increasing year by year, what is the situation in our province?
Answer: Our province has always been a lightning-prone area. At present, the strongest lightning strike detected by the existing national lightning protection equipment occurred in the Heihe area of ​​our province. Every year from April to October is a frequent occurrence of thunderstorms in our province, based on the number of days of lightning strikes, there are more than 30 days of lightning weather in the year in Harbin, and each process will produce dozens or even hundreds of thunderstorms. Due to the discharge process, Harbin was designated as a lightning disaster prevention center in our province, while Daqing and Suihua were secondary centers. So for our province, lightning is a disaster that people need to prevent in their daily lives.
Question: It is understood that on April 20, the Lightning Protection Center of the Harbin Meteorological Observatory released the first lightning warning forecast for this year. What is the purpose of adopting early warning forecast in lightning protection?
Answer: At the end of April this year, the automatic assembly line of a production enterprise in Harbin was completely scrapped after being struck by lightning, and it directly lost 1.2 million. With the increase of high-end electronic products and communication equipment, lightning disasters have caused huge losses in people's lives.
According to incomplete statistics, there were 116 lightning strikes in our province in 2004, causing 5 deaths and 14 injuries, causing 76 accidents of various electronic and power supply equipment damages, and economic losses of several million yuan. Therefore, our province has now launched this lightning disaster early warning and forecasting mechanism. Before the occurrence of a strong lightning strike, a lightning disaster early warning and forecast is made in the weather forecast so that everyone can be prepared to reduce the damage caused by the disaster.
Lightning protection is required for playgrounds and new buildings
Question: Our province is a region with a high incidence of lightning strikes, so many people are concerned about the two newly issued lightning protection regulations. Could you briefly introduce the main contents?
Answer: "Management Measures for the Professional Qualification of Lightning Protection Engineering" consists of 7 chapters and 32 articles, which clearly stipulates that units engaged in the professional design or construction of lightning protection engineering in China shall apply for the professional design or construction qualification of lightning protection engineering; It is grade A, B, and C; it regulates the procedures and time limit for qualification application and acceptance, as well as more than 10 legal systems including application materials, qualification certificate management, supervision and inspection system, and types and ranges of penalties for violations.
The “Lightning Protection Device Design Review and Completion and Acceptance Regulations” has a total of 6 chapters and 37 articles, which standardizes the lightning protection standards for various newly-built buildings. The time limit, supervision and inspection implementation organs, responsibilities and authorities, as well as the types and scope of penalties for violations are also clearly stipulated.
Question: According to the new lightning protection regulations promulgated by the state, what provisions can relevant provinces and residents of our province have on lightning protection?
Answer: The new lightning protection regulations have expanded the scope of protection of lightning protection facilities. You can check the installation of lightning protection facilities in your home and surrounding areas according to their contents to ensure your own safety.
The two newly issued regulations clearly stipulate that in addition to explosive hazardous environment facilities such as oil depots, gas depots, gas and gas stations, post and telecommunications, transportation, radio and television and other immovable cultural relics and sports, tourism, playgrounds and information systems Lightning protection devices should also be installed in social and public service facilities, and must be subject to design review and completion acceptance by the lightning protection authority. Among them, the design of the lightning protection device without the approval of the competent department shall not be constructed, and shall not be put into use without qualification.
In addition, the lightning protection devices for new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects must be designed, constructed and put into use at the same time as the main project. So when you buy a new building, you can check one more to see if the developer has installed a lightning protection device for the house.
Question: The new regulations have strengthened the review of lightning protection qualifications. What kind of lightning protection devices are qualified? What procedures are required to apply for approval of lightning protection procedures?
Answer: According to the regulations, the following materials should be submitted for the completion inspection of the lightning protection device: (1) "Application for Completion and Acceptance of Lightning Protection Device"; (2) "Approval Letter of Lightning Protection Device Design"; (3) Professional construction unit of lightning protection engineering Qualification certificates and qualification certificates of personnel and personnel; (4) "Lightning Protection Device Test Report" issued by a testing agency certified by the meteorological authority of the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the Central Government; (5) Lightning protection device completion drawings and other technologies Information; (6) Factory certification, installation records of lightning protection products and test reports issued by nationally recognized lightning protection product testing agencies.
After the materials are submitted, the lightning protection device design obtains the "Lightning Protection Device Design Approval" issued by the local meteorological authority; the professional construction unit and personnel of lightning protection engineering obtain the qualifications and qualifications prescribed by the state; form. Then, after passing the acceptance check by the relevant department, the licensing agency shall complete the relevant acceptance procedures and issue a "Lightning Protection Device Acceptance Certificate". If the lightning protection device fails to pass the acceptance check, the licensing agency shall issue a "Lightning Protection Device Rectification Opinion". After the rectification is completed, the acceptance shall be carried out according to the original procedure.
According to statistics, there are currently more than 30 lightning protection engineering design and construction units in Harbin that have obtained professional qualifications and can meet safety requirements.
Question: What is the status of the audit of lightning protection devices in new buildings in our province?
Answer: According to the new regulations, the drawings of lightning protection devices must be reviewed before the building is started and not used. Recently, our lightning protection center inspected lightning protection drawings of more than 400 new buildings such as schools, residential buildings, and office buildings, and the unqualified rate was about 30%. In addition, according to the new lightning protection regulations, the installed lightning protection devices must be tested once a year. From the current detection situation, there are still certain problems. Taking Harbin City as an example, the lightning protection devices of 400 unit residential buildings were tested, and more than 100 pieces of unqualified devices were detected, so the lightning protection work of our province is in the improvement stage.
Increasing lightning disaster prevention measures are the first cause
Question: Everyone thinks that being struck by lightning is a natural disaster, and it should be extremely unpreventable. However, in the lightning protection regulations, there are severe penalties for improper installation of lightning protection devices. Why is this?
Answer: Through investigation and testing, the Meteorological Administration found that "errors in the installation of lightning protection devices" are the main reasons for the increasing trend of destruction of electronic equipment, destruction of home appliances, damage to high-voltage lines and branches. About 80 %% of the lightning disasters that occurred in our province last year were caused by the incorrect design of lightning protection engineering of buildings and incomplete facilities.
At present, lightning protection engineering designed and constructed for buildings without the authorization of the meteorological department has become the culprit in causing lightning disasters. This is mainly reflected in two aspects: One is that the design of the lightning protection device has not been reviewed, and the quality is not satisfactory. Once a lightning strike appears to be useless, it is easy to cause disaster. Second, the lightning protection design is outdated and can only prevent direct lightning strikes. However, now that the network and telecommunications in buildings are well developed, induction lightning is the main cause of damage to electrical appliances or networks. Therefore, ignoring the protection design for induction lightning in lightning protection projects has also become the main cause of lightning strike disasters.
In this regard, the state stipulates that all lightning protection units must go to the management department to obtain approval for construction before all lightning protection projects must be accepted by the meteorological department before they can be put into use. A lightning protection unit that has been constructed without authorization will be fined a maximum of 30,000 yuan.
Question: The new lightning protection regulations have made stricter regulations on the acceptance and management of lightning protection devices, so how can the computer at home be protected from lightning strikes?
Answer: Thunderstorms, induced surges of overcurrent and overvoltage caused by lightning, may enter the computer along the power cord or telephone line, destroying the chip, interface and Internet equipment of the computer motherboard, causing hardware damage and communication failure. In order to avoid this situation, first of all, we must ensure that there is a good lightning protection device at the front of the computer and other equipment, which can effectively reduce the induced current generated by the lightning and minimize the damage. Most computers use three-phase plugs, we need to check whether the corresponding socket is well grounded. At the same time, there are a few laptops that use dual-phase plugs, so you should pay more attention to the problem of lightning protection.
Secondly, try not to surf the Internet in thunderstorm weather. For users using dial-up or ADSL Internet access, it is best to use a modem or ADSL equipment with a lightning protection device installed.
In the end, in fact, the easiest way to prevent lightning is to unplug the computer's power socket and communication line, so that the computer is completely disconnected from the power supply and signal line. As a final reminder, other electrical appliances in the home can also be operated in this way. Try to cut off the power and stop using it when lightning strikes.
Question: Since the beginning of summer this year, there has been continuous thunderstorm weather, and the meteorological department has issued lightning protection forecasts many times. What kind of lightning protection skills do you need to master in your daily life?
Answer: The incidence of lightning disasters is gradually increasing, and the economic losses and impacts caused by it are also increasing. The main reasons are as follows: one is the increasing number of urban high-rise buildings; the second is the popularization of weak current systems such as communication equipment, computers and electronic instruments; the third is the rapid increase of flammable and explosive places and electronic power supply equipment; The understanding of Lei is insufficient, and the country ’s mandatory norms cannot be effectively implemented.

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June. 15, 2020