Network cable have to be pulled when there is thurder.doc

Attention: A thunderstorm will hurt your computer.

Most people think that as long as the computer off, the computer is not liable to be struck by lightning, in fact, lightning can still through the network cable and power outlet, burn out the card, power supply or motherboard. If lightning also with computer access, computer loss would be greater.

Maintenance staff explained, if distant lightning struck a power line or telephone line, the current will shun line into the interior, so it is necessary to set up the internal lightning protection devices, namely shielding, grounding and installation arrester. Without these devices, thunder, shut down and not used, unplug it Caixing.

Thunderstorms, try not connected to the computer or the power of the 'cat' to the Internet, but also to do it, in case the person is not next to the computer when it thunders, can not be disconnected.
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