National lightning disaster prevention industry standardization technical committee set up in Beijin

December 23, 2010, the national lightning disaster prevention industry standardization technical committee was established in Beijing. The establishment of the standard committee will regulate the field of standardization of lightning disaster prevention business processes, improve product quality and lightning defense has played an active role in promoting. Cong Yu, deputy director of China Meteorological Administration sent as written congratulations on the long lightning disaster prevention care and support standardization of gratitude to the experts and asked to upgrade their technological content, improve the standard system, strengthen openness and cooperation, strengthen self-construction, to promote New lightning disaster prevention work and make due contribution to scientific development.

Yu R, said work to do mine disaster reduction is an indispensable part of economic development, is to protect people's security interests and promote the important guarantee for the harmonious development of society. Meteorological departments and business commitment, as lightning lightning disaster prevention organization and management departments, organizations do a good job of lightning disaster prevention and standardization of work, according to social administration and public service functions of great significance.
Yu R requirements, standard committee to strengthen the top-level design, based on the actual needs of lightning disaster prevention, the spirit of "science, unified, open, practical"principle, the design and improvement of lightning disaster prevention standards; to highlight key points, in "Full forward, urgently establish the first"principle, the priority is closely related with the safety or the urgent need for the modern business system lightning important technical standards; pay attention to standards of quality, the better the standard of quality control to ensure standards of scientific, operational And practicality; to strengthen the open and cooperative, joint rally all sectors of society, so that airing, open system standards; to strengthen themselves, and continually refine and improve internal systems, and strengthen their own management.
National lightning disaster prevention industry standardization technical committee of all members of the relevant functions of the China Meteorological Administration Division, the units directly under the leadership of Technical Committee of Standardization of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation and other four standard committee concerned attended the meeting.