Nantong Haimen: Joint Commerce Bureau to carry out safety production inspection

Haimen District Meteorological Bureau of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, and the Bureau of Commerce carried out a joint law enforcement action on safety production investigations and rectifications at 4 gas stations in the area, escorting the safety of enterprises in production.
This joint inspection takes safety as the starting point, and systematically inspects gas station safety production related emergency plans, drill records, fire safety, lightning protection detection, safety facility reports, etc., mainly through data review and on-site inspection. Regarding the problems of gas station safety awareness and inadequate measures discovered during the inspection, the inspection team requires the enterprise to implement rectifications with the fastest actions, strictest standards, and most solid measures.
This joint inspection has further improved the level of law enforcement. The two parties will continue to promote joint business and meteorological law enforcement in accordance with the inspection plan, strengthen the scope and frequency of joint law enforcement, and effectively promote the safety supervision of gas stations.

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June. 07, 2021