Nanjing: Meteorological departments participate in the investigation and remediation of safety hazards in key areas

Ma Yueqi, correspondent of China Meteorological News, reported that the Nanjing Municipal Security Committee of Jiangsu Province has set up an oversight work office for the prevention and management of major hazards, and the Meteorological Bureau, the Emergency Management Bureau, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the Public Security Bureau have formed 7 joints. The inspection team supervised the key units such as 228 hazardous chemicals in the city.
The inspection was conducted in the form of "no notice, no greeting, no report, no accompanying reception, direct travel to the grassroots, direct insertion into the scene" ("four no two straight"), unannounced visits, joint law enforcement, and surprise inspections. As one of the members of the meteorological department, each group selects two administrative law enforcement personnel to participate.
Meteorological administrative law enforcement personnel focus on the implementation of the main responsibility of the company's lightning protection safety, including lightning protection organization, lightning protection device maintenance, emergency plan, lightning protection safety production file, lightning protection device annual inspection and hidden danger rectification, etc. On-site verification. As of April 9, the inspection has issued 16 special notices for rectification of lightning protection, covering 55 opinions on rectification of hidden dangers, requiring the units under inspection to emphasize the completion of hidden dangers within a time limit and ensure that the closed loop of rectification and reconstruction is completed. The inspection will last until the end of April.

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April.1, 2019