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multi-function lightning strike counter digital

Item No: FLRC-D
1. Multi-function lightning strike counter digital.
2. Installed together with SPD, or independently.
3. Recording lightning/surge event times, monitoring SPD working status, and/or the front breaker working status.
4. Online display status, terminals for monitor two groups circuit working status (two group SPDs, or one group SPD + one group MCB, or two MCBs working status).
5. Data recorded accurately, 9999 times, data will not lose when power off.
6. Terminal for connecting with back-up power, when power off, surge counter still can work.
7. DIN rail installation.

Product Description

1. Multi-function lightning strike counter digital dimension

2.Multi-function lightning strike counter digitalelectrical parameters

Model No.


Nominal Voltage (Un)


Minimum CurrentSensitivity(rise time ≥8μs)


Back-up power


Product power consumption


Data record

Data will not lose in case of power off

Data clearing

Short-circuit the “Reset” terminals

Inductance size

Dia. 9mm

Operation temperature()



<90% (temp 25)

Enclosure material

Plastic,Flame retardant

Degree of protection


Wiring spec.


Display Model



Lightning Event 0~9999

Current Sample Mode

Inductive Probe

Dimension of counter (mm)

Width: 36mm

3. Monitoring module installation