Misunderstood of lightning for UPS power supply

Misunderstood of lightning for UPS power supply

One: " Lightning protection device " is just for lightning

In practical applications for UPS uninterruptible power supply, which often encounter this situation : obviously blue skies, do not feel any lightning phenomenon , but the UPS built-in " lightning " is damaged. Some users think that it is a problem with the quality of the machine UPS , but itself may still be able to continue to work normally. In this case, if there is no heavy power equipment nearby , in order to use "Operation Overvoltage " to convince users, I am afraid it is not easy .

In fact, for variety of voltage surges ordinary circumstances such low-voltage distribution lines , the foreign there are a lot of statistics and reports. Such as the United States with one of the statistics show that: the number of times various voltage surges within 10,000 hours , occurred between online , beyond the original operating voltage surge to more than 800 times, of whichmore than 300 times to 1000V.
One can imagine , do not need lightning effect , make the "surge protector " operation and damage , it is entirely possible .

Two : cheap " surge protective device " is also for lightning

Many users out of consideration of the relevant provisions , requiring UPS power supply at a lower price conditions , but also to configure the " surge arrester" , individual manufacturers in order to " meet " the user's request , the UPS with casual small varistors also called the "  lightning". But in fact , generally small flow capacity of the varistor can only have a certain role in over-voltage protection , if you really need lightning , it must be considered a sufficient flow capacity of the device and the associated costs.

Large UPS configuration data center or control center , they are in the building or room usually have a relatively complete lightning protection system as a whole , to reach the end of the over-voltage UPS residual value is not high ; and small UPS 's environment is relatively poor, in addition to anti- Ray , but also consider the operation of the power grid surrounding overvoltage surge protection.

Many large UPS costs more space , easy to implement protection programs ; and small UPS will cost hard-pressed on these issues , you need to consider carefully before selecting .

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