Meteorological department said :Don't install the lightning rod by yourself

 Weather experts tell us:it is dangerous to install the lightning rod by yourself.

Home appliances are damaged in a thunderstorm associated with no install lightning protection devices ,but not entirely caused by this,it depends on the real situation to determine.

According to reports, a direct hit on the building or lightning protection devices , called " direct lightning strike " , direct lightning strike is very damaging for appliances , lightning rods on the " direct lightning strikes " have a good protective effect ;

However, if the distance between the lower surface of the cloud in the air discharge , the formation of lightning electromagnetic pulse radiation can also damage household appliances, lightning rod can't protect it well, so even installed a lightning rod , household appliances may also be damaged.

" Residents do not install their own lightning rod ." Staff warned , because the installation of a lightning rod is highly professional engineering , need to find a qualified professional design and installation company , such as improper installation methods , not only fails to lightning effect , but also " triggered Lightning burglary ," and caused damage to home appliances casualties .

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