Menghai business conduct lightning detection means to promote lightning safety

To strengthen the key enterprises in lightning safety, effective prevention and mitigation of all kinds of accidents caused by lightning occur recently, Yunnan Provincial Meteorological Bureau Menghai strengthen local key enterprises, especially hazardous enterprises lightning safety testing.

Lightning center Menghai early preparation of various types of detection equipment needs, equipment maintenance, supervision and detection technology to seriously study the relevant technical specifications of explosion and fire hazard safety regulations and lightning safety testing.

Currently, the county's 18 key enterprises in lightning protection device safety testing has been completed, mainly for lightning protection device exploded gas stations, oil depots, depots, gas stations and other places and fire hazard, focusing on the key parts of detection, identify problems immediately issued a rectification opinions, deadline for rectification, insist on inspection and rectification, pressed forward to ensure lightning protection devices to play its due role.

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Sep. 12, 2016